From Pedro, Head of Engineering, Car Parts at OLX Motors

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The Coronavirus pandemic has brought new challenges when it comes to collaboration, but Pedro has come up with creative ways for the team to stay connected.

“Since COVID-19 started, we’ve begun gaming together every Friday for an hour or two. We love to play Call of Duty and Apex Legends,” says Pedro, the Head of Engineering Car Parts at OLX Motors.

For Pedro and the team, these gaming sessions have great importance.

“We need to go to battle together, maybe disagree with one another, but win together. This is one way we build trust and comradery. We have to stay…

How they’re driving electric mobility for Daimler Trucks

It’s no secret we work with amazing companies (partners!), so we want to show them off - not only because it’s a great opportunity for you to check out their open positions, but also because they’re changing the game in their industries and helping develop our society in so many ways. One of our amazing partners is tb.lx, a tech startup from Lisbon that develops sustainable transportation solutions for Daimler Trucks & Buses. We invited them to take the spotlight today and tell you all about who they are and what they’re…

Through the eyes of a Technical Support Engineer

Justina Wong, Technical Support Team Lead @Cloudflare, tells us what it’s like working at a web performance and website security company, and everything you need to know if you want to be part of Cloudflare.

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Justina joined Cloudflare about 3 years ago in London as a Technical Support Engineer. Currently, she’s part of their Customer Support team working in Lisbon as a team lead.

I can’t speak for others, but I love the things you can learn from the others. There are so many talented individuals who are willing and ready to…

Living and working overseas can be a dream scenario, but scouring the internet for the right job in a strange country can be an overwhelming task, and you might end up burned out.

For starters, you don’t know how to choose the right company. Plus, you worry whether you’ll adapt to the new culture and language, and 5 minutes after googling what paperwork and permits you’ll need, you give up. You don’t want to take chances and you don’t want to risk moving to a new country just to be sent back by your boss because after the first days…

An overview of 4 tech application and interview processes, and tips for getting yourself prepared.

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Application 1 — Junior Developer — Digital Agency

I made the application through LinkedIn when I was about halfway through Bootcamp. I came across the vacancy while searching in the live vacancy listings on LinkedIn. I sent a request to connect to the Managing Director (in this case, the job poster) and sent a short message:

Hi [Hiring Manager]

I really like what I’ve seen of [the company] on social media channels, I notice you’re currently recruiting for a junior developer and wanted to express…

While many jobs are now offered based on a candidate’s technical knowledge and demonstrable prowess, there is still usually the interview to overcome. Here’s how to overcome those tricky front-end interview questions and show off your people skills.

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From the depths of 2020, the new year looks like a better bet for the technology industry and the many coders who may have stuck tight during COVID. …

Cybersecurity threats are redefined in 2021. In the new era of working from home, there is a new set of opportunities for cyberattacks that companies cannot ignore: the usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the use of home and public Wi-Fi networks, and the remote collaboration tools on the cloud.

Any company that wishes to be prepared to face these threats must increase its cybersecurity budget for 2021. Cloud data protection and application monitoring will become the top priorities, but what else should you know about cybersecurity for 2021?

One of the companies trailing the path in…

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The world’s most valuable resource is data. Currently, personal data is the “new oil”, which explains why the five most valuable companies in the world are all data companies: Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. Despite recent scandals around the use of our personal data — Netflix loves documentaries about it. We are still not 100% aware of how companies use our data and how they abuse their use when defining profiles based on our tastes, preferences, etc.

While legislation to regulate data usage still has a long path ahead, it’s up to us, to regain control…

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To work with technology, you must have a certain level of creativity and perseverance. But how many times have you hit a dead end when looking at ones and zeros? To help you overcome that blockage and help you bring your A-game in 2021, we’ve gathered a list of the top Youtube channels you must check out.

Filho da Nuvem

Claudson Oliveira is a Brazillian Youtuber currently living in Portugal. If you’re planning to come to Europe, check out this channel. He has an entire playlist describing how he evolved in his career and his path moving to Portugal. …

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What are Technical Interviews?

Technical interviews are common amongst employers recruiting for engineering or IT roles. Essentially, it’s an interview to assess your technical ability, usually related to the technical knowledge required for the role and the organisation you wish to work for.

The Golden Advice

We’ve asked around our Technology team for some pro tips on how to thrive during these interviews. Combined, this team has over 90 years of experience and dozens of job interviews — so they know a couple of things about technical assessments.

Take your pen out and write this down.

1. Come up with a brute-force solution, the first thing that…

Landing.Jobs Team

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